Monday, April 9, 2012

Iantha Melvin 1804 - 1893; her story

Iantha was a Shinnecock; Or So The Story Goes

Great great Grandmother, Iantha, are you really Native American? Are your people Shinnecock from Long Island? Where did you meet great great grandfather Reuben Melvin?
Those are my first 25 words for Iantha.
It was told to me that we have 'Native Blood' and it comes through Iantha.
Who said it? When did they say? How did they know?
I was told by my sister Sonya and cousin Wilma. However, both were going on vague memories of what they were told, when they were young. Their telling me was perhaps over 50 years later.
At least she is not reputed to be the proverbial Cherokee princess and the accounting doesn't speak of high cheekbones and straight hair.
There's such an age disparity. I wonder of the circumstances of their meeting. If we go by the family bible, Reuben is already about 48 years old when Iantha is born.
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