Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blogging for African Ancestored Genealogy

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“Connecting the 'historical dots' of AA figures to their family and community activities is a great exercise for AA genealogists, community and family historians.”

Art Thomas is an incredible AA genealogist, family historian, knowledge and wisdom dropping colleague of mine. He is also the author of the above quote.

If we are ever going to get our history straight, we need to clone the Art Thomases of the African Ancestored genealogy world. But this post is not about Art Thomas.

This post is about African Ancestored Genealogy Blogging and the African Ancestored Genealogy community.

Before there was blogging there was Many researchers, myself included, came out of the AfriGeneas fold, spread our wings and ventured into the blogosphere. We had personal stories to tell, we had teachings to impart, we had African Ancestored love to spread. That’s what we learned from Here are some of the blogs (there are tons more) to consider and click:

There is so much ‘Social Media’ on the internet these days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus; just to name a few; which brings me to the inspiration for this post.

There’s a member’s group on Facebook called “Griot Gram Geneaography”, hosted by Victori Bass. She has created a virtual space where African Ancestored genealogists and family historians can gather to tell stories about their Ancestors, share research tips, wax poetic, and meet fellow researchers. But this post is not about Griot Gram Geneaography.

African Ancestored Genealogy Blogging and the African Ancestored Genealogy community converge in the spirit and soul of family. I can read any of the blogs mentioned above and feel that I’m with family. Cousins, uncles, aunties, grands and Ancestors.

And when you step off the porch and venture beyond the horizon, you will find a world genealogy community that is daunting, challenging, and inviting. Your essence is out there, waiting for you, in your history. Join your fellow researchers. Start a blog. Join a group. And share what you find.

Peace & Blessings,
“Guided by the Ancestors”
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