Here's The Thing

My services include a free consultation; to see what we have to go on.
This consult includes going online, using the census records, to go as far back as 1870, on your direct parent(s) line. We also get you started on your family tree, helping you choose software and/or an online genealogy presence, if desired.

Once we determine we have something to go on, I charge $25.00/hr in 5 billable hour blocks, or $125.00. This includes research, creating reports, and building the database (via software and online). Any given block has a maximum duration of 3 weeks.

Reports include what I found, what I didn't find, and why. Travel, copying, and document purchases (birth certificates, deeds, vital records, etc.) are billed separate.
Typical 'blocks' include:
  • Research
  • Oral history
  • Preparation for family reunions and/or creating presentations
  • Continuing research (other branches, particular historical family references, etc.)
Retouching photographs, turning reasonable snapshots into portraits are $25.00 per picture.

Restoring badly damaged photographs are $75.00/hr. (estimate provided).
The retouching and restoring prices are for customers who contract for research services.

Where do we start?

First with a pointed biography of YOU! When and where you were born, names of your parents/guardians, siblings, places you lived, schools you attended, children.

Second would be any key memories of your parents/guardians, grandparents, and where they were born, their occupations, etc. This will establish and reveal what direction we (YOU) will want to take with this research.

Seeing how far back in time you can get is one kind of research.
Finding the stories, their meanings, and relevance to the family history and connection to world events, proving or disproving the accuracy of those handed down memoirs is another kind of research.

That's where we start.
Contact me if and when you have any questions or concerns.
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